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Elecaas is your trusted partner for PCB design, engineering, and manufacturing. Our services are renowned for their precision and innovation, and we are committed to delivering excellence with meticulous attention to detail. Explore our comprehensive suite of services below and see how we can transform your PCB requirements into a reality that surpasses your expectations.

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PCB Manufacturing

PCB manufacturing is the process or procedure that transforms a circuit board design into a completed product based on the specifications provided in the design package. Circuit board manufacturing is achieved through the following actions or techniques: Imaging the desired layout on copper-clad laminates.

Manufacturing Services

We specialize in Mechanical and PCB Assembly, offering turnkey solutions from prototyping to full-scale production. With our Conformal Coating service, we ensure excellence and innovation in electronics manufacturing.

To-Life and To-Market Development

We excel in product development, offering custom PCB design, mechanical engineering, embedded system design, X-ray inspection, component sourcing, rapid prototyping, and test development services. From concept to market, we ensure quality and innovation every step of the way.

PCB Fabrication

PCB fabrication is the process of turning a circuit board design into a completed product. It’s a distinct part of the PCB production process, along with PCB assembly, which is the process of placing components onto the board.

Product Maintenance

We offer comprehensive product maintenance services, including repair/rework, BGA rework/re-balling, and obsolescence management. With our expertise, ensure uninterrupted operations for your business. Experience excellence and innovation with Elecaas today.

Empower Your Projects with Elecaas

Don’t just have your vision executed by a manufacturer, partner with a PCB solution provider that helps you identify and capitalize on product improvements that grow market share and bottom line. Better engineering, technology and expertise equals better performance with Elecaas.