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Prototype to Production

Together, let’s create fantastic electronics. Companies big and small from all over the world entrust us to be their electrical manufacturing partner from prototype to production.

State-of-the-art Equipment

To better serve our amazing customers, we consistently make investments in ourselves. We are equipped to put together parts as small as 01005 passives, QFNs, BGAs, and BGAs.

Certified Experts

We continually invest in ourselves to better serve our awesome customers. We have the capabilities to assemble components down to 01005 passives, QFNs, BGAs, and µBGAs.

Elecaas is a one-stop shop for electronic components, testing equipment, boards, and modules and provides PCB design, development, testing, and assembly services related to the electronics industry. We simplify the future of electronic device development cycles from inception through mass production.

Design and

Our design and development team consisting of well-experienced engineers always strives to work with customers regardless


We also specialize in quick-turn prototypes and PCB assembly. We offer these services in two formats:

Design and

Our mechanical design team can assist customers with developing reliable, cost-effective. Our mechanical design team can assist customers with developing reliable, cost-effective

Testing Services:

We can inspect PCBs and devices using two necessary compliance tests required by many markets.


We provide quality manufacturing using hundreds of one-of-a-kind, fully automated
production lines. Our in-house production lines are comprised of the latest machines supplied by worldwide pioneered companies such as Panasonic and Koh Young. With
very high production capabilities, we can accomplish large quantity job orders in a
timely manner while keeping complete control of production, quality, and testing requirements

Quality Assurances

Holding ISO certificates 9001, 14001, and 45001, we make sure that all procedures are performed in the proper global standards. Our clients can rely on the quality of the service and the steps we implement to finalize their jobs.

Quick Turnover

With high-production capacity and two work shifts of production, we can provide clients with a faster delivery time yet still with consistently high quality


We have supply partners all over the world, monitored and managed by our in-house supply chain team. Every order is treated in a professional manner, tracked, and regularly reviewed by our team


Industry Solutions

Our expert team assists customers from design concept to prototyping, production, testing and delivery.

Industrial Equipment

Developing complex industrial applications requires meeting the highest regulatory standards and certifications. We go above and beyond to ensure our products meet the needed qualifications.


Delivers decades of manufacturing expertise to clients looking for high-quality electro-mechanical and circuit board assemblies. Turnkey manufacturing is one of our operation's robotic product-supportive systems (from prototyping through production)


A footprint of ISO 45001 certified supporting our Medical capabilities cover a wide range of specific segments from diagnosis equipment to handheld devices, from printed circuit boards assembly (PCBA) to finished products assembly.


From engine management and airbag sensors to anti-lock brake control and even GPS assistance, these PCBs have altered the way we drive and utilize our cars. Automotive PCBs are necessary for almost every contemporary convenience in the automobile in your driveway or the fleet in your company's yard.


elecaas is a great business partner. elecaas team is very responsive to any request and very flexible. They have helped us through several tough situations and we greatly appreciate their ability to get the job done.”

Michelle H
– Telecom Manufacturer

elecaas is easy to work with, very customer oriented, and always willing to push to make on-time deliveries.”

Rustom J.
– LED Lighting Manufacturer

We’ve been working with elecaas for PCB assembly for the last few years and the quality, prices, and ease-of-use have not faltered from single prototypes to production runs of thousands of boards. It’s been a huge enabler for our business

Thomas N
– Robotics Manufacturer

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